Use regulation
[ Stage ]
Honbutai (Main Stage) 5.9m (Width of Stage)×5.9m (Depth of Stage)
Jiutaiza (Chorus Place) 5.9m×1.4m (Depth of Chorus Place)
Atoza (Stage Rear) 5.9m×3.3m (Depth of Stage Rear)
Height of Stage 90cm
Height from Stage Floor
to Mizuhiki (Valance)
Width of Hashigakari
Length of Hashigakari
Angle of Hashigakari
Approx. 99 degrees
(Mirror Room)
Timber used Japanese Cypress
The Roof Covered with Japanese Cypress Bark

[Audience Seating ]
Number of Seats 201
Floor Covering Carpet

[ Dressing Room and Zashiki (Tatami seat) ]
(Dressingroom for actors)
1 ×6 , 1 ×8 , 1×10 , 1×12-Tatami-mat room
(Room for the leading actor to change costumes for the last
1×8-Tatami-mat room
Zashiki 1×6 , 1×8-Tatami-mat room
Fire room
(firing charcoal for

Amateur Performing Groups Professional Performing Groups
Sunday ・
Public Holiday
Standard hire fee
\315,000up to 8 hours
Standard hire fee \173,250 up to 5 hours
Saturday Standard hire fee
\283,500 up to 8 hours
Standard hire fee \151,200 up to 4 hours 
Weekday Standard hire fee
\189,000 up to 8 hours 
Standard hire fee \75,600 up to 4 hours
Charge for
additional hours
\39,375/hour \18,900/hour
Rehearsals・Lessons \15,750/hour  \12,600/hour
Air-conditioning Included Included
Lighting Included

[ Booking and Deposit ]
1. Bookings are accepted up to two years in advance.
2. A deposit of 50,000 yen must be paid at the time of booking.
3. Bookings will be cancelled if no payment of deposit is made within one month from the date of application.

[ Cancellation ]
1. There is no refund of deposit upon cancellation except in cases where cancellation was due to natural disasters or accidents caused by a party other than the client.
2. A100% of hire fee will be charged if cancellation is received less than 6 months prior to the date of hire.
3. 100% of hire fee will be charged if bookings for rehearsals and lessons are cancelled on the actual day.

[ Please note ]
1. As a general rule, this NOH THEATRE operates until 5pm every day.
2. For further information please contact us.

[ Contact ]
Noh Theatre
TEL.81-3-3477-6412  FAX.81-3-3477-0190
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