CERULEAN TOWER NOH THEATRE has grand opened on May 24th 2001 in CeruleanTower,one of the highest towers in Shibuya area, and it has become a new social value for people who love and appreciate the beauty of Japanese traditional performing arts.
As the aim of the Tower itself is 'To be an around-the-clock beacon of culture and information for the world 24 hours a day'. NOH THEATRE functions as a transmitter of Japanese traditional culture. It caters for various demands, such as professional and non-professional performances of Noh, and other performing arts including voluntary performances.

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[ An Open Public of NOH THEATRE ]
Opens public from 14:30 to 17:30 for the day with no events.
※It is not necessary to take a reservation, but please note that the schedule could possibly change without notice. Please contact us in advance if interested.
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